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National Portfolio Day 2016
Portfolio Day

Scholastics Trip 2016
Scholastics Trip

National Portfolio Day 2015
National Portfolio Day

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2017 Scholastic Art Awards of
Congrats to our winning students and all who participated
in this year's Scholastic art competition!

Gold Key Winners:
Sydnie Maynard - Painting
Katie Kiefer - Photography

Silver Key Winners:
Erin Griffith - Ceramics

Scholarship Winners :
McKenzie Blake - Photography
$5000 - Hastings College

Student Art Shows!

FMHS Senior Art Show- current - March and April

Altrusa - upcoming - April

- Teachers -

Tammie Widhammer
Dept. Chair
Art 1
Ceramics 1
Ceramics 2
Ceramics 3
3D Design
Advanced Art
AP Studio Art
Mixed Media

Nicole Kreier

Art 1
Photography 1
Photography 2
Drawing & Painting 1
Drawing & Painting 2

2016 Altrusa Art Fair Awards
Hosted at the Art Center in Grand Junction, Colorado
FMHS Art 1 students - 1st place

Sydnie Maynard - 2nd place
Danielle Welsh - 2nd place (8/9)
Madilyn Price - 1st place (8/9)

Black and White Drawing
Sydnee Seabolt - 1st place
Samuel McGovern - 1st place

Color Drawing
Avelee Tawzer - 1st place
Alli Stanton - 1st place
Jessica Hedlun - 2nd place

Ceramics Non-Functional
Michaul Deines - 1st place
Jessica Gilles - 1st place
Ayla Ostowick - 2nd place
Morgan Reynolds - 2nd place

Kason Frigetto - 1st place
Rebekah Borg - 1st place and Judge's Choice
Stefan Walker - 1st place
Chase Lovern - 1st place
Trenton Leany - 2nd place

Mixed Media
Sierra Raines - 2nd place