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Greetings Wildcat Community,

This week marks the kick off of Season B sports and activities. We are extremely excited to have the opportunity for our students athletes to compete this season and are looking forward to the excitement that these sports always bring to our community. Season B sports consist of Boys and Girls Wrestling, Boys and Girls Basketball, Girls Swimming/Diving, and Competitive Spirit. Due to current restrictions and guidance from the State and Local entities, attending games will be limited to the athletes and their guardians. At this time, no other spectators are allowed to be inside the gyms or facilities. Because of this, competitions will be live streamed and made available either through NFHS or Vimeo. 

To find the links for each event, scroll down to the Upcoming Events section on our homepage (just below this message). When you click on the event you are interested in viewing, you will see a link that will direct you to the live feed of that event. These will be updated weekly and as new events are added to schedules. 

Once you click on the link for viewing options, you will either be directed to a site hosted by NFHS or Vimeo. NFHS requires a membership to watch events. You can either pay for a game, a month or a year’s worth of streaming. You will have to navigate this once you are redirected to the NFHS site. If the game is being streamed with Vimeo, there is no charge for viewing. 

Even though the crowds will look different, we are excited that our student athletes will have a chance to compete this year. We hope that you all are able to watch games and follow the action throughout Season B. If you miss a game, you can go back and watch it as live streams are being archived. You will need to navigate to the same location as you would go to watch it live. This is done through the Upcoming Events scrolling menu below.
If you have any questions or have issues gaining access to live streamed events, please contact the FMHS Athletics office so we can further assist you. 


Todd McClaskey, Principal

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